Artist Profile

About Alissa Hashisaka

Born and raised in Sacramento County, California, Alissa Hashisaka has been practicing the art of watercolor painting since she was eight years old. She specializes in illustrating natural landscapes and floral still-life portraits, and she has earned popular acclaim for her use of vibrant colors. Her work has been entered and featured in the California State Fair’s Youth Art & Design Expo, and she has won a first place award ribbon in the year 2014 for her painting of a mountainous landscape. 

Alissa Hashisaka is an Oregon State University alumnus, having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Writing Minor. Currently, she intends to enter the fine arts field as a professional watercolorist and open her own art studio in Monterey, California. If you would like to know more about Alissa Hashisaka, purchase any of her works, or to commission her for a painting, please contact her through her email